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12.900 Ft

Unmatched Jurassic Park Sattler vs T Rex - EN

12.900 Ft
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt
Várható szállítás: 2023. február 15.


Külső raktáron.
Figyelem! Külső raktáras termékek esetén a szállítási idő 1,5-2 hét. Olykor előfordul, hogy már nem szállítható a kért termék, a beszállítóinknál kifogyott. A rendelés leadása után erről emailban értesítünk.

Life Finds a Way.

We were so preoccupied whether or not we could, we never stopped to think if we should. Enjoy the attraction! Unmatched is the critically acclaimed, best-selling game of tactical combat between unlikely opponents. In the unlikeliest matchup of all, two brilliant scientists face off against the most fearsome creature to ever stalk the earth. Drs. Sattler and Malcolm use insight to find clever ways to defeat their foes. The massive T.Rex is the game’s first “large” fighter, bringing a whole new dynamic to the fight. Drop into the T.Rex Paddock, and let’s fight!

As with every Unmatched set, these heroes can face off against fighters from other sets, making it a must-have for experienced players or a great entry point for new ones. And it’s all brought to life by the masterful illustration of Florian Bertmer and Simon Prades with the peerless production quality for which the Unmatched line is known.


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